Tävling - Båtparty

Whilst the last boat party proved to be a major success, with much fun and drinking had by all, the Panlegis barometer didn't quite make it to the top. As such, we are giving our sellers another chance to party in the clear Maltese waters in the form of a challenge; 8 Sales a day for a week per seller. The prize is an all-inclusive, exclusive boat party with the finest alcohol and the sickest tunes on board.

Säljarna va inte

Rom eller inte Rom?

Rome is known as the Eternal City which makes it the perfect weekend getaway for our Sellers. So far, we have had a phenomenal track-record which has been going strong for 9 days, making the trip that much closer. Will the sellers make it to Bella Roma or will they forfeit?

Rom eller inte Rom? Det är frågan. Säljarna har haft en fenomenal orderingång under 9 dagar. Måndagen höll på att strula till det, men det har räddats upp. Klarar de tävlingen så

Riktigt bra start

After a tough day yesterday, the team put their game faces on and have so far reached exceptional results. We started the day with a meeting where everyone pledged their allegiance to Phonexica and short of drawing blood, promised an unprecedented boost to the day’s sales. So far, most sellers have sold as many contracts by lunch as they did all day yesterday.

Efter en riktigt seg dag igår så körde vi ett grymt morgonmöte som gav resultat och vi har fått